Our Code of Ethics

The Foodiverse Code of Ethics serves as a guide for action in the professional relationships of all people linked to any of the business units that are currently part of the Group or that may form part of it. This document is an essential piece within the Compliance model implemented in Foodiverse, which determines the importance of its knowledge and understanding by all people subject to it. The Code of Ethics includes the Foodiverse Group's commitment to the principles of business ethics and transparency in all areas of action, and establishes basic criteria of ethical behavior for all people in the Group.


We are committed to strictly complying with current legislation in all the places where we work, ensuring at all times compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and in all the procedures that govern and regulate the activity and processes of the Foodiverse Group

Integrity and responsibility

We always act with honesty. Our actions are consistent and we show an attitude of integrity at all times. We conduct ourselves based on the principle of “everyone must win.”


We explicitly commit to respect, defend and promote international agreements, current legislation and principles related to Human and Labor Rights based on the United Nations Global Compact. We do not employ anyone below the minimum legal working age and we reject any form, direct or indirect, of child labour, as well as prohibiting forced and compulsory labor across the Foodiverse Group.